Language Learning Strategies in the Era of Android Applications

Language is innate and thus people will learn the language as they are living with other humans.

It is not that easy for people to learn new languages as they have spoken mother tongue for years.

Some people can speak more than language as their mother tongue and will find it harder to speak foreign languages.

However, the human intelligent will be able to learn the language easily as the factors are completed. 

Language learning is now easier since people all over the world are connected.

People can chat with people from the native countries and learn how to communicate through the internet.

There are various applications to use for language learning. Also, there are many platforms that people can use to speed their language learning processes.

From the history, we know babies learn to talk from the simplest mumbling because they listen to their parents and people around talking.

The golden phase of language learning is in the earliest age of human. Language learning and second language acquisitions have several stages to complete.


Here are some five stages of second language learning and acquisition.

  • Understanding
  • One-word utterance
  • Two-word phrases
  • Complete sentence
  • Conversation

Therefore, students learning a second language will pass through five predictable states. They will go on preproduction stage on the first level. After that, students will pass the early production level. The next stages will be speech emergency, intermediate fluency, and Advanced Fluency

(Krashen & Terrell, 1983).

Students will normally pass the same stages. However, there are many factors that determine the speed of the learning process.

Formal education, family background, and the skills of the learners are to take into account.

There is no actually easy way for learning language even if it is only for a conversation purpose. However, there are some strategies for learning language effectively.

Take an Academic Style Language Class

Learning languages are best to learn outside classrooms. Language is a way to communicate two ways around.

Therefore, it is not good to be in a place where the teacher talks passively in front of the class. It is a poor use of the time to just listen to someone talk about language.

Therefore, it is better to find an interactive class that gives students more time to talk and not only learn the theories of language.

The Language Hacker’s Fix for Speeding up the Language Acquisition

To Find Opportunities Outside the Classroom

Studying language on our own is hard. Studying effectively requires some programs which enable students to argue, talk, and discuss about many topics.


They need to find network of friends which will make the learning environment for language acquisition.

Mixing Classroom Time with Speaking Time

In this modern era of education, internet is the powerful weapon for students to learn foreign languages.

They can visit websites for meeting native speakers for various languages. To learn from the native is always more useful compared to several hours self-study at traditional schools.

Make Use Systems for Repeating Vocabulary Acquisition

Learning mother tongue language is easy for babies and toddlers since they can just repeat the words that they learn.

Repeating simple words from the environment enables them to learn the vocabularies efficiently.

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Meanwhile, for adults, learning new vocabularies will be easier as they use spaced repetition systems that will help them to memorize the new vocabularies.

They can learn the words faster and since they understand the words well, they will start to use the words in their speaking practice.

For some people, learning the linguistic is not necessary since they need to use the language for conversation. However, that is a common wrong opinion about language learning.

Studying Linguistic is Necessary

Linguistic is the engine of a language. People need to look the inside science inside language before actually speak it well. To know the rules of language will help people to improve their capabilities to speak it.

To use books to learn language is also recommended. However, there should be special strategies to do on using a book to learn a language:

  1. Split the book segments; readers need to read paragraph by paragraph.
  2. If the book has two versions, preview the foreign language version. That will help students to see whether they can understand the meaning right away.
  3. When reading a text in a book, students need to search and select words that appear repeatedly and find the equal meaning. That way, they can improve their vocabularies easily.
  4. Besides learning the vocabularies, it is important that students read the passage out loud. It will be good to train pronunciation. They can learn accent by reading many books.
  5. If possible, students can use the audiobook with regular and slow speed.

In addition to those strategies, students have to optimize their time by learning through applications. Here are some of the best applications for language learning.

  1. Memrise

It is a fun vocabulary practice. The application has a community of users which help constructing languages.

  • Lingualift

This is the right application for those who are learning Japanese, Russian, and Hebrew. The language courses are developed professionally by the experts from the University of Oxford. The application is a good tool for beginner and intermediate learners.

  • Duolingo

This is one of the best apps for language learning listed online. It is Luis Von Ahn, the person behind this successful app. This is a special application since it merges gamification and learning addiction. This app is definitely one of the best mobile language learning tools.

  • HelloTalk

While other application is good for vocabulary learning, HelloTalk is an app which is excellent for speaking practice. Students will find native speakers and communication with them using friend-user whatsapp-like chat.

  • Mindsnacks

It is not only gamified language learning but also a special gamification app for language learning. The languages teaching sessions are equipped with tiny games which will help students to improve their vocabulary, listening skills, and of course grammar.

Those strategies and applications will surely help students to learn language more effectively. Modern world makes language learning methods to the whole new level.

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