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Besides English, French is one of the most important languages in European countries. French is widely used in both personal and business communications. In addition, many enterprises and agencies in English-speaking countries have businesses with French enterprises. As a result, French translation services are increasingly important now.

The Keys for Professional French Translation Services

When browsing online, you will find the fact that there are so many agencies, which offer English French translation services. Of course, every agency will claim that it offers the best services. Therefore, make sure to decide carefully. The following are some key features of professional French translation services:

Native Speakers
To produce high-quality translation, the translator must be a native of the target language. English-French translation jobs are done by a native French speaker, and vice versa. A native speaker understands nuances of the target language deeper than his /her non-native counterparts do.
Translating job is not only about converting the words and sentences into the target language. Instead, translation involves structural and grammatical rules, contexts and cultures, which may influence how a text is composed in a language. Only native speakers understand these in a holistic way.

Varied Fields
Again, the translators play the most important role in the translation services. Another important aspect to consider is the background of translators. Some particular fields need translators with specific knowledge and competence. They include medical, business, technology, and legal fields.
Medical sciences, for example, have a number of terms and terminology that cannot be translated laterally into the target language. Only translators who have knowledge in medical sciences can translate them correctly. The same case applies for other fields of science, such as engineering or law.
Besides being a native, the translators must have expertise in the particular field. This can be achieved by either educational background or experience.  Sometimes, both aspects are necessary to produce quality translation.

Experienced Translators
Time always proves anything, including quality of translation services. Translation requires exercises, skills, taste, feeling, and love. With time, translators can get more holistic understanding on the nature of translation. They can acquire expertise with time. For instance, at the beginning, a translator might be able to do English to French Canadian translation services. But with time, he/she may be able to do jobs to other French dialects.

Why Choosing England Translation for French translation services

England Translation offers professional translation services from English to French, or vice versa. The translation jobs are done by not only native speakers but also translators who have expertise in the particular fields. As it has many translators from different fields, England Translation can select a translation that mostly fits the job.

More importantly, England Translation realizes that translation requires passion. Every body may be able to translate words or sentences, but not anybody can combine them in a correct way. Therefore, it selects translators who have passions and love their jobs.
Moreover, we offer the following advantages:

  • Confidentiality

The issue of confidentiality is very crucial in any translation services. Therefore, England Translation makes sure that the clients’ confidential data stays secure in its system. 

  • Timeliness

The translation agency respects your deadline very much. The translated document may have no use at all when it is submitted late. The translators always do their best to work fact to deliver the resulted project on the agreed time. 

  • Varied Domain

England Translation can help you translating documents in various documents. It recruits translators from different fields to feet the clients’ needs. The main domains include medical science, business, manufacturing, advertising, engineering science, government and legal domain, religious domain, finance, and many more.

  • Budget Services

The agency has a commitment to build long-term partnership with clients. Therefore, it offers competitive rates for the translation services. You can prove this by comparing the rates with those of other agencies.

  • Professional Services

England Translation combines the expertise of native-speaking translators, many years of experience, confidentiality, and timeliness to produce professional translation services. The translators are not only translating the documents but also editing and proofreading them before delivery. Therefore, the documents you get are ready to submit.

Above all, the agency has high commitment for customer service. The door is open for your 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is here to help anytime you are in need of English to French translation services, or vice versa.

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