French Legal Translation: The Journey To Become A Pro

French Legal Translation: The Potential Income Makers

A professional translator is one of the potential income makers. The rising demand of the translator is one of the main reasons why this profession is quite interesting. 

The more popular and widely spoken the language is, the bigger chance your income and career are. 

In this case, French is the number two widely spoken language across the world. If you want to be a part of a French legal translation agency as a pro, consider checking the tips in this article.

French Legal Translation: Some Tips to be Professional

1. Starting as a Volunteer Translator and Build the Experiences

French legal translation

Experience is the best teacher. The first step is to start gaining expertise and gain more skills. 

In this matter, you can drill your skill by becoming a volunteer for an organization or do free translations for NGOs. 

There are quite a lot of sites that might need free translation services. Although you won’t get any allowance, sometimes they offer corrections for your work. 

So, before you do French legal translation, you can actively build both your language skill and resume.

2. Getting the Job at the Translation Office, Join and Apply as Secretary or Assistant

You can practice and gain proficiency by joining an agency. You may have to start as the newbie, but this offers a great opportunity for you to set foot on the translation door. 

Even a small company will work, but even better if you can work for a legal company. 

Take the chance to be a secretary or assistant, get your work check by the certified translator for review or correction, and then learn from it.

3. Building Up Your Career by Registering on Translation Job and Freelance Sites

French legal translation

You can’t start your own French legal translation services yet, but you can join freelancer sites. Registering on Fiverr or ProZ can be both beneficial for enhancing skills and gain a resume. 

At this particular stage, you may be unable to do French document translation services (you are not certified yet). But at least you can do both freelance and office jobs together. 

At the same time, spare your time to create a French translator profile on social media.

4. Joining the Country Association Exams for Certificate and be a Professional Translator

After gaining more than years of experience, popularity, and skills, now you can try to do exams for certification. Join your country’s translation association by passing the exam. 

After passing the exam, you will officially become a certified professional French translation. 

With the certificate, it means you can work for French legal translation, documents, or just regular translation projects. Going to join a company or start one? The next step is up to you.

To be a professional what you need is experiences and skills. In this matter, you need at least advanced French language ability. 

If you are sure you have the skill, start building up your experience as a volunteer. Then you can broaden your career and join translation agencies to enhance your skill and portfolio. 

After all that route, you can start your own translation business or do the test to be a certified professional French translator.

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