Professional French Document Translation for Legal Text

Are you planning to open a branch office of your business in France? If yes, this is the time to prepare all the requirements for business expansion. You may need French document translation services for the new branch office. However, translating legal document may not be as simple as it sounds. Therefore, having the professionals do it for you is the right choice.

Actually, legal document translation is always different, regardless of the languages. Translators agree that it is one of the most complex forms of translation. Legal document translation is associated with ambiguity in meanings, misinterpretations, and even mistakes. There are actually no rooms for these types of inaccuracy.

French Document Translation for Legal Purposes

Instead of doing it on your own, having legal document translation services do it is a better choice. Here is why:

Legal Translation Is More Complex

As mentioned above, legal domain uses a number of unique terminologies. The legal terms may have different meanings, as they can be influenced by cultural factors. In some cases, the legal terms do not necessarily need to be translated in literal way. Otherwise, the documents may be void.

Translating legal documents is even more complex as there are so many forms of them. They include contracts, scholarly writings, affidavits, birth certificates, and court evidence. Each document is unique, as it uses different terms.

There Is No Room for Mistakes

Even a small mistake in legal documents can have significant legal consequences. A simple error can also lead to financial complications. The documents should not be ambiguous, or they may lead to legal consequences. A legal document must be free of any single mistake. This can only be obtained from Legal document experience services. Once a translator makes a mistake, the translation service will lose trust.

Linguistic Structure May Not Have Equivalents

Again, legal document uses a specific type of language. Only those with legal backgrounds can fully understand this.  Legal documents in English use formal tones and tend to have complex and compound sentences. In addition, passive voice is more prevalent in legal documents. Therefore, the translators should understand the characteristics of linguistic structures in both source and target languages.

In some cases, passive voice in English may not have direct equivalents in French document translation. However, the translators must be able to translate the documents without missing the meaning, the tone, and the essence.

Accurate French Document Translation at England Translation

England Translation is supported by native translators with deep knowledge of the laws to avoid mistranslations. Using machine translation is highly not recommended. Legal documents are official papers. They require high degree of accuracy. The technical terms, reasoning, and titles are valid legally. Therefore, the translation tasks must be done by human.

The translators are carefully selected and regularly reviewed to make sure that they have updated knowledge in the legal jurisdiction. Translating legal documents may need more time. However, the process at England Translation can be faster as it has many expert legal translators to finish the tasks on time.

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