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China still ranks the first as the world’s most populous country. By January 2019, it has more than 1,4 billion of population, which accounts for almost 18,41% of the total world population. It is not surprising that Chinese language is increasingly important at global stages. Likewise, the need for Chinese translation service shows an increasing demand, as more and more enterprises have businesses with their Chinese counterparts.

There are many reasons to demand for English to Chinese translation. You may just set up a branch office in China, or you have a deal with a Chinese agency. One thing for sure is that you will need to translate some documents, such as marketing materials, presentations, business profiles, or personal resumes, from English to Mandarin, or vice versa.

Why Professional Chinese Translation Service Is a Must

English Chinese translation is different from any other translation services. Chinese translation involves converting not only the language but also the alphabet. Due to complexities of the translation tasks, you may find that English Chinese translation rate tends to be more expensive than any other translation services do. However, the most important aspect to consider is quality.

You need experienced translators to make sure that the documents are translated well and the messages are conveyed. Here are the most common reasons why you need to deal with a professional Chinese translation agency:

  • Varied Dialects and Variations; Chinese language has many dialects and variations, and the most prominent are Cantonese and Mandarin. Each variation has some differences in pronunciation, vocabulary, grammatical roles, and word orders.
  • Different Rules; Chinese language focuses more on meaning rather than on formal structure. Word-to-word translation from English to Chinese will never be relevant. This will even make the meaning obscured, abstract and even not understandable.
  • High Skill Set

An English-Chinese translator must be able to find English equivalents of the words in Chinese. In addition, he/she must understand the grammatical rules of each language. Fluency in both English and Chinese is not a guarantee of accurate translation, since not every individual has a passion and skills in translation job.

With those unique features of Chinese language, only expert Chinese translators can do the jobs in a correct way. The good news is that England Translation can help you with Chinese translation service.

How England Translation Helps in Chinese Translation Service


As discussed above, translating a document from English to Chinese, or vice versa, can be a challenging task. So, do not let the language barrier obstruct you from growing the business. England Translation helps you in the following ways:

  • Native Translators

England Translation is supported by a number of experienced translators, namely, native speakers in Chinese and more than 16 other languages. They are carefully selected and evaluated in terms of linguistic skills and subject-matter in both languages. With professional and translators, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • Detailed quote

Do you want to know English to Chinese translation rate per word, per page, web page, or document?  England Translation offers you detailed quote services on its website. What you need to do is just filling out your name, email address, and phone number. Then, choose the source and target language. Upload your file. Then, you will get detailed quote of the translation service.

  • Localization Service

This is one of the deal breakers in England Translation. Do you need to translate your English-based website into Chinese? Or, you have a software and need a Chinese version? The truth is that marketing materials in local language are powerful tools in penetrating foreign markets.

  • Professional Proofreading

Did you have problems with typos, spelling errors, or grammatical errors in the translated documents?  England Translation helps you avoid such problems with the support of native proofreaders/editors. The same quality assurance process applies for any file types, including paper-based or multimedia files.

Combination between accurate translation by native speakers, secure delivery, and timely service makes  England Translation a leading Chinese translation service. Forget the terrible experiences of dealing with non-professional agencies in the past. England Translation is ready to be your partner in growing your business into a multi-national enterprise. Language should not be a barrier in business growth. Let England Translation do the translation jobs and you can use your time and energy to grow your business.

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