Certified Translation; the Certification, Tests, and Qualifications

Translation has been one of the most essential commodities in this ultra-modern world. The world is so connected that we need to make the languages no longer a barrier.

It is important people communicate well with the proper translation. Various translation services are now serving online for answering the challenges. Certified translation services are simply in a high demand.

A certified translation is not basically the same with the certified translator. Many countries state a hard rule for translators to pass in order to be a professional translator who will be a skillful translator with certificate.

The exams are different from one country to country. To be a professional certified translator, people have to pass the exam with some standard scores.

Meanwhile, a certified translation is a translation product accompanies by a statement with authority’s signature.

The statement will attest the translation is accurate. Besides, the statement will guarantee the translation is completed. The product is certified to have been completed to the best quality of the translator’s skills and ability. The content will be in the best result which is certified to have the best quality.

Documents come from ranges of fields. There are various reasons and purposes of translating documents. But the results must have the right value.


For the professionals or those who want to make their documents translation meet the value that they want to get, the certified translator is the best destination.

However, it is often hard to find a service with the best quality. The task will be harder as the deadline is tight. But the translation bureau over the web is definitely the best solution to use.

Today, the websites apply a more reliable system for receiving orders. Clients need to log in the free accounts before sending the jobs. That will be safer and more professional.

The platform to handle the certified translation should be this safe and neat. The clients need to scan the documents and send them via the platform. After that, the clients will be informed with the rate.

Some translation service offers fixed price but some others work based on the documents that they are going to translate.

Certified Translation is definitely the best types of translation. However, not every document needs to be translated with this kind of service.

For some ordinary texts related to academic sources, certified translation is not so important. In addition, it will not be so urgent to use certified translation for company documents. It is more recommended to use the certified translation for crucial documents such as legal documents or medical sources.

When to Use Certified Translation


The certified translation is a translation product completed with a signed statement for declaring the translation is done in an accurate representation. The original document and the translation result are guaranteed to be equal.

The documents for legal procedures usually need certified translations. For instance, people need to translate their marriage certificates with certified statement.

Birth certificates, death certificates, and other documents also need to use certified translation. In addition, people will usually need to translate adoption agreements, immigration documents, and court transcription with certified translation. Court transcription, business contract, and services agreements are other documents to translate with the certified statement.

Certified Translation Issues

Most of the time, people feel certified translation should be completed by the professional and certified translators.

It is not necessarily that way. In some countries, the certified translation can be completed by any professional translators. However, many countries have been regulated that certified translators have to own a standard competence which is stated by the authority. By this kind of regulation, the certified translation will be more reliable.

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How to Become Certified Translator

Becoming a professional certified translator is not easy. The procedures are different from country to country.

In the USA, the American Translators Association (ATA) offers a standard certification programs for translators. The service offers tests and certifications for national translators.

It will be also possible for international translators to take the certification at the authority. The service will help translators to obtain qualification for translating documents from English into multiple target languages.


Certification is available for translating into English from Arabic, Dutch, Croatian, Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Swedish.

After that, translators have to check their preliminary requirements. The ATA has a set of eligibility requirements that translators have to pass. The websites will show the systems and requirements in detail. There are actually two basic criteria for passing the exam.

The first requirement is that translators have to be the member of ATA. When the translators want to make the test application, they will be the member automatically.

The next requirement is that translators have to pass reading proficiency in both languages; source and target languages. ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) will serve the tests.

Now, it is time for the test. The challenging test will last for three hours. The test consists of source language comprehension, translation technique, and writing.

It is important that translators have good skills in writing in the target language because it will empower their translation.

It is true that translation is transferring the language into another but when the translators are skilled to write a good composition. The grades are taken with various factors such as grammars, dictions, the quality, and the accuracy of the translation.

Before attempting the ATA test, it will be better for translators to reach a level of Advanced Low on the ACTFL scale. The certification is definitely not an easy one.

Therefore, translators have to get prepared for practicing the test. The practices are available at the websites of ATA. There are various passages to work with.

The translators can try newspaper editorial, non-fiction book, and essay. Some legal documents, business, and financial texts are also available.

In conclusion, certified translation and certified translators are different in meaning. However, the best certified translations should be completed by the professional certified translators.

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