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England Translation is passionate in the mission to provide only high quality translation services.Through our 10 solid years in this business, with our highly competent professional team around the world to help, we offer superior services in this industry.

England Translation as your global partner is highly committed to be your solution in the growing global demand of language services.

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We make sure we only deliver fast, reliable and outstanding service with the help of our expert linguist in every field.


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“We are passionate team with technological innovations and always strive to be the solutions for the the growing global demand of language services.”


How it Works


How do you ensure quality?

We are fully committed to only deliver the highest quality services to our clients, that’s why we make sure to conduct QC diligently. Here are some of our precaution act that we can share with you.

  • Translators screening – all translator  are professional who has been tested and manually screened before being allowed to be in our project. They also need to shown advanced qualification and significant achievement as an individual or as a team.
  • We monitor and follow up with each translator during and after every project. We use over than 20 different parameters to monitor quality.

How do you keep my information secure?

We highly valued your privacy and secrecy in all of our
projects—both big and small.

We ensure that only the translator and proofreaders in which specifically assigned in the project that will have access to your information.

What is the status of my order?

We will keep you updated in each and every process through email. Please note that this is only one-way email announcement.

How do I modify/cancel my order?

Please note that you can only request for modifications based on the original source text at the time of the order. If you have updated the source text after placing your order, you will have to submit a new translation order to translate the updated text.

To cancel your order, we recommend you to  contact us immediately.

We also recommend is that you fill in the contact form as we will passed this to the specific translator and say that you actually want to cancel the specific order.

Please note if your order has not yet been assigned to a translator at the time our Support Team receives your request, you can receive a full refund.

If your order has already been assigned to a translator, we cannot provide a refund as stated in our term and condition.

Please refer to our term and condition for more information.

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